Policy Resume

Charles Curley


I have spent seven years in policy and lobbying at the Wyoming Liberty Group (501 (c) (3)) and its 501 (c) (4) twin, Republic Free Choice. I have 30 years in software development, with experience in technical writing, and relevant software tools. I have management experience as a hiring manager, and software technical lead. I also have several years experience in the film industry. I have excellent communications skills, including teaching, public speaking and writing, ranging from general, political and corporate to utter nerdspeak. My varied background and interests support my very flexible work style.

Duties at the Wyoming Liberty Group included:

In addition to my duties for the Liberty Group, I am a Republican Precinct Committeeman elect, and Secretary of the Wyoming Republican Party. http://charlescurley.gop/

Prior citizen engagement includes walking precincts for Barry Goldwater in 1964; lobbying Congress to legalize gold, which succeeded in 1974; and concealed carry reform in Wyoming in 1994.

References available upon request.